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If you are experiencing these problems

» Want to get rid of marks Pintk, AP, Rolex. Favorite watch but don't know where to do it?

» Do general stores, cheap But not confident in quality Afraid of deformed watches

» Favorite watch strap that has been used for a long time. Can be used to tighten the cord to be able to use again.

» Need a complete service center That can repair the watch And scrubbed the straps and case to look like again

Watching the case and band There are steps that need to be meticulous and work that requires high expertise to make your favorite watches return to its original beauty.

Expert is ready to provide services with a team of high quality and experienced in the field of watch and watch polishing. At a value price tBecause we believe that Customers need quality work. More than cheap but poor quality. Sometimes those cheap jobs can damage your watch's value more than you think.

How deep We have a service to add meat to the watch.Your favorite house comes back like a new tim.

Fit your favorite watch straps to return to their original size.

Expert watch

"One place, complete all problems"

Why Expert Watch ?

1. We have been operating for more than 15 years, serving tens of thousands of customers each year.

2. Conduct business with integrity. Not deceptive in order to charge an expensive service fee Or change forged parts for customers Until receiving the trust of customers from all circles, whether diplomats, celebrities, businessmen, merchants, the general public Existing customers please advise and tell friends, relatives, etc. to come to use many services with us.

3. Has12 branches in leading department storesYou can go to the mall that is convenient for you. After shopping, you can return to pick up the watch (except in some cases) or can send the watch to one branch. And pick up your watch at any of the 12 branches at your convenience

4. More watch straps 20,000 straps To meet your lifestyle, especially from 650 baht up to the best watch strap in the world at a tangible price

5. Taking into account the maximum benefits of customers. Recommend only the necessary repairs No package charge at all

6. Quality as good as the leading Swiss standard service center. Same qualified service but cheaper.

7. Want to buy or sell second-hand watches, we have a forum for you to exchange one another for free.Our forum have more than 20,000 members

8. Offer authentic or fake watches check. The only place in Thailand that has been accepted by members more than 20,000 people

Our service covers everything to be a One Stop Service for all watch owners.

Bands / Straps

We are not only distributors of leading watch strap and premium watch bands from around the world but also provide made-to-order for Hi-End watches band.

Watch straps from ABP Paris, one of the boutiques from France that make the best watch strap in the world. Louisiana crocodile leather strap with new innovative lining. Luxuriously designed rubber bands for Rolex watches from Radium Concept Paris.

Rubber B... Rubber B - "The Ultimate Rubber Strap". Well-known among Hi-end watches lovers such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, AP, etc.

AP Bands from America. There are specialized designed straps for Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Cartier santoz, Omega, Frank Muller watches etc.

Leading PAM straps, such as Wotancraft, Hans Stich, etc., a striking Italian leather band from Campagnolo (CMI), high quality German leather straps such as RIOS 1931, Fluco and Di-modell. Premium Nato straps and Dustproof Silicone band with EU Standard

Which the watches that we import are sold more than 1,000 type You can be confident that when you come to EXPERT WATCH, you will get a world class watch strap that meets your life style.

Also, offer custom made straps according to the color and size you want for your favorite watch.

Contact for product and service information. Via online at

Line : @EPWATCH (With the @ sign)

Facebook Inbox :

Hotline : 0819179088