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Promotion for watch lovers

It's the ultimate watch protection film from the USA that Expert Watch co-invented and developed to the limit with LLumar, one of the world's leading manufacturers of car protection films.

🌟Without worrying about scratches or scratches from usage🌟

🔥The film is pretty clear. As though he hadn't caught anything

Patek rubber strap, special leather strap, range from 9,000 tRumor 6,900

Patek steel strap, Rose Gold special recommended range from 12,000 tRumor 8,900

❌Rolex all versions From normal 8,000 Only left 5,500 only.-

Special for this month only Discounted and then further reduced from the promotion price When using 2 or more watches with film at the same time

We have films for service as follows

Rolex Date Just Case 31mm
Rolex Oyster Perpetual Case 36 mm
Rolex Daytona
Rolex Daytona Chocolate
Rolex Explorer I
Rolex GMT
Rolex Submariner
Rolex Submariner No Date
Rolex Submariner 50th
Patek Phillippe 5712 / 1A
Patek Phillippe 5167 / A
Patek Phillippe 5712G
Patek Phillippe 5726
Patek Phillippe 5980
Patek Phillippe 5980R
Patek Phillippe Twenty Four
Audemars Piguet 15400


🌟Where is the film?

- Case
- Mirror
- Back cover
- Bezel dial
- Watches except Jubilee bands
- Hinges

🌟How long is the warranty?

- 2 years after installation, not peeling off from normal use

🌟 Sticking for a long time will have a negative effect on the watch?

There is no negative effect because the film is a premium film, does not yellow or leaves adhesive stains when peeled off

🌟Stick and clean?

- Can be cleaned with water and a soft brush But must be done after at least 15 days

LLumar is one of the best film producers in the world.
We have brought the best film for the watch, the Elite model which is attached to Super Bently, Porche, etc.

Which is good in all aspects Both to prevent scratches Self-repair As well as leaving no adhesive residue after peeling off after many years of use

Expert Watch guarantees 2 years of film quality.

Available for sale on May 17 at all 12 branches. The service version is

All Rolex Sport models

🍀Submariner Ceramic (SS, 2Tone, Full gold)

🔷GMT Ceramic all models (Steel, 2Tone, Full gold)

❤️Daytona (Steel, 2Tone, Full gold, Gold watch, Leather strap)

Presented with a very special deal during the opening of the presentation with a special price.

From normal 8,000 to only 5,500.

Expert watch

"One place, complete all problems"

Why Expert Watch ?

1. We have been operating for more than 15 years, serving tens of thousands of customers each year.

2. Conduct business with integrity. Not deceptive in order to charge an expensive service fee Or change forged parts for customers Until receiving the trust of customers from all circles, whether diplomats, celebrities, businessmen, merchants, the general public Existing customers please advise and tell friends, relatives, etc. to come to use many services with us.

3. Has12 branches in leading department storesYou can go to the mall that is convenient for you. After shopping, you can return to pick up the watch (except in some cases) or can send the watch to one branch. And pick up your watch at any of the 12 branches at your convenience

4. More watch straps 20,000 straps To meet your lifestyle, especially from 650 baht up to the best watch strap in the world at a tangible price

5. Taking into account the maximum benefits of customers. Recommend only the necessary repairs No package charge at all

6. Quality as good as the leading Swiss standard service center. Same qualified service but cheaper.

7. Want to buy or sell second-hand watches, we have a forum for you to exchange one another for free.Our forum have more than 20,000 members

8. Offer authentic or fake watches check. The only place in Thailand that has been accepted by members more than 20,000 people