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Removing glass and ceramic

Scratch on the ceramic edge It is a problem to bother both time accumulated and trading time.

Believe it or not❗️ From which we are the mediator checking the watch before trading Therefore making it closer and in the midst of many collectors, watchers or merchants

Can not deny that The condition of a second hand watch is another important factor that leads to smooth trading. In which the surfers, collectors or merchants will focus on the condition of glass and ceramics very much Which must be beautiful, clear, without any scratch, which is an internationally acceptable condition

In many cases, trading doesn't happen at all. In many cases, the seller must remember to grit for a price that has been reduced by tens of thousands. Because there are damn marks on the ceramic edges Or glass which cannot be fixed

Many people wonder how to put on the ceramic edge treatment. … ..Some rhythms are worn and then rubbed gently against the diamond ring then scratched The dangers of beautiful and beautiful things all around

Try to regularly inspect the edges of the watch and the glass to see if there are any marks. If found then don't panic. Don't just think that it can't be resolved.

🔥 When you come to Expert Watch, you don't need to be worried. Because the scratches on the ceramic we can fix Restoring the bright, seamless border to the ceramic 🔥

Better to use beautiful things?
Better? Let the sales proceed naturally.
Better? Don't waste a lot of time and money.

Bezel Ceramic polishing service restores clarity, increases confidence, is fast and hassle-free

Expert watch

"One place, complete all problems"

Why Expert Watch ?

1. We have been operating for more than 15 years, serving tens of thousands of customers each year.

2. Conduct business with integrity. Not deceptive in order to charge an expensive service fee Or change forged parts for customers Until receiving the trust of customers from all circles, whether diplomats, celebrities, businessmen, merchants, the general public Existing customers please advise and tell friends, relatives, etc. to come to use many services with us.

3. Has12 branches in leading department storesYou can go to the mall that is convenient for you. After shopping, you can return to pick up the watch (except in some cases) or can send the watch to one branch. And pick up your watch at any of the 12 branches at your convenience

4. More watch straps 20,000 straps To meet your lifestyle, especially from 650 baht up to the best watch strap in the world at a tangible price

5. Taking into account the maximum benefits of customers. Recommend only the necessary repairs No package charge at all

6. Quality as good as the leading Swiss standard service center. Same qualified service but cheaper.

7. Want to buy or sell second-hand watches, we have a forum for you to exchange one another for free.Our forum have more than 20,000 members

8. Offer authentic or fake watches check. The only place in Thailand that has been accepted by members more than 20,000 people

Our service covers everything to be a One Stop Service for all watch owners.