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Check service - fake

If you want to buy a second hand watch, how can you be sure that you will get genuine one at a reasonable price?

Expert Watch is happy to check for genuine-fake watches by expert technicians. To ensure you every time when buying second hand watches such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Omega, Tag Heuer, etc.

Why should you use a genuine-fake checking service with Expert Watch?

1. Service fee only 1,000 Baht, but can make you not have to risk buying a secondhand fake watch for a hundred thousand or a million

2. Open for over 15 years, providing watch repair services to tens of thousands of customers each year

3. Conduct business with honesty. Not deceptive in order to charge an expensive service fee Accepted by watch collectors Secondhand watch merchants, businessmen, celebrities, famous people and the general public.

4. Authentic-fake check service By highly experienced technicians There are tens of thousands of customers using check checks each year.

5. Have3 branches In leading department stores Which is open to check your watches, you can use the service at your convenience store Or can use the service to check genuine-fake watches at 6 branchesIn the case of buying-selling inExpert-Watch web board

6. There is a line cutting service to fit the wrist. Including orders to cut cowhide and crocodile skin as according to every brand prototype

7. Being a medium for buying and selling second-hand watches by Expert Watch.Web board Buy-Sell second-hand watchesWhich has the most members in Thailand

We accept authentic-fake watches from the following brands

Patek Philippe watches
Checking genuine and fake watches
Check for real-fake watches, Audemars piguet
Inspect real-fake watches Tag Heuer
Authentic - fake watch A.lange & sohne
Check genuine-fake watches Breguet
Check genuine-fake watches Breitling
Check genuine-fake watches Oris
Check genuine-fake watches Panerai
Check for real-fake watches Tudor
Check for real-fake watches Vacheron constantin
Check for real-fake watches Bvlgari
Check for genuine-fake watches Chopard
Check the authentic - fake Omega watches.
Check genuine-fake watches Ulysse Nardin
Check for genuine-fake Zenith watches.

Checking genuine-fake watches What does it cover?

1. Are the watches authentic or not, are the parts matching the model? (Do not check for scratches or have they ever polished or not)

2. Machine condition Works perfectly or not Precision

We will accept authentic watches for fake trading in 2 groups as follows

>>>>> 1. Watches posted on the Expert Watch board <<<<<

There will be branches that inspect 6 Branch is

  1. Expert Watch Central Ladprao 083 244 9233
  2. Expert Watch Central World 085 842 8385
  3. Expert Watch Fashion Island 084 561 5299
  4. Expert Watch, Central Pinklao 0803949191
  5. Expert Watch The mall Ngamwongwan 080 161 6399
  6. Expert Watch, Icon Siam Branch, 064 639 9797

>>>>> 2. Watches that are not posted on the Expert Watch board<<<<<

There will be 3 branches that are audited as follows

  • Expert Watch The mall Ngamwongwan 080 161 6399
  • Expert Watch Central Ladprao 083 244 9233
  • Expert Watch Central World 085 842 8385

There is a service charge to inspect genuine-fake watches for 1,000 baht per house.

In which the buyer and seller pay a service fee of 500 baht per person or as agreed (if the watch is not purchased for sale posted on the board Expert-Watch)

Before going, please make an appointment directly with the branch.

When the inspection is complete, the technician will issue a receipt as the inspection fee and cross out the word that the warranty certificate is issued.
In order not to be falsely claim that the condition may change after checking And will specify the watch model number and Serial number (if any) on the receipt
In the event that the technician discovers that it is a fake watch Mechanic will type the word (COPY or Replica) after the name of the watch.

And in the event that the technician finds normal and uncertain things The technician will not check and do not charge. But will advise you to go to the center of that brand itself