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Patek Philippe Watch History

Said in the watch circle that Rolex is the Mercedez Benz and Patek Philippe is the Rolls Royce of the industry. Which today many people would dare to say with full mouth To be the top global brand that Patek Philippe Able to develop himself to be a leader at the forefront with pride It is well-known among high-class people. It also owns an exciting watch auction record, such as a rare pocket watch recorded in the Guiness Book with an auction price of US $ 11,002,500.

Going back to the history of the Patek Philippe watch, there are many stories to tell about the success that has a long history and is well-known to people all over the world, not just those who love watches. The company was first established in the year 1839 by Antoine Norbert de Patek With a talented watchmaker, Francois Czapek founded Patek, Cesareck & C. Patek, Czapek & Cie.

At that time, by focusing on creating and producing high-quality watches with a production volume of about 200 each year, after only 6 years Czapek decided to separate and in the year 1844 Patek has The opportunity to meet with another watchmaker named Jean-Adrien Philippe, from the beginning of a meeting between two people with a consistent ideology.

For Jean-Adrien Philippe is a watchmaker who has the talent to create systems. Of the mechanism in the clock Have built a reputation Very much for the company By inventing a watch winder and timer using a crown instead of the traditional key

In the year 1851, the reputation of Patek Philippe began to evolve at The Great Exhibition in London. At that time, the first non-self-winding watch was shown. Received great praise from Queen Victoria as one of their loyal customers. Big name customers of Patek Philippe Not even the scientists named Einstein, including Mary Kury as well.

In the year of 1929 company Patek Philippe Was acquired by the Stern family, which is still the family of the world-renowned Patek Philippe timekeeping brand. And what causes Patek Philippe Standing firmly at number one is A commitment to continuous development, which has been proven by many awards and patents over the 100 years, and the tenet of every work philosophy to the highest quality without being shaken by the trend. Therefore causing the status of Patek Philippe Is a valuable heritage from generation to generation.