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Rolex Daytona

Machine wash ... methods and procedures

Your watch is a complex mechanical system. And like other precision mechanisms That needs maintenance according to the period To maintain a complete working condition

Most Swiss watches recommend overhaul every 5 years, but the duration of the overhaul may vary due to the storage conditions of the watch and the environment in which your watch is used. If in a hot, humid place, with a lot of dust, it may be necessary to overhual before 5 years.

But finding a good and standard watch repair center that will help you take care of your favorite watch is not an easy task either. Because the watch has a mechanism that is quite complex and delicate than other types of machinery Therefore, the factors in choosing a watch repair center must also be very delicate as well.

At Expert, we are committed to providing customers with quality service. Washing the watch is the same as the Swiss standard. By a team of experienced technicians, with the following steps

  • Remove all parts of the watch.
  • Check all parts thoroughly. In order to know what parts will need to be replaced or repaired
  • Testing and repairing necessary parts
  • Clean all parts
  • Assemble all the parts And drop each type of oil as standard
  • Change the rubber gasket (gasket) to make the watch waterproof as per the manufacturer's standards.
  • Waterproof system
  • Precision system

"Think of washing the watch to Expert - the only complete solution to all problems"