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What type of metal strap is VS for you?

Watches are jewelry thatIn addition to telling the time, it also indicatesCan tell the personality of the wearerThis process is good, whether with holesThe image of the image or fashion. Choosing to wear a watch is also shortSymbol indicates the mood And style as well

Therefore, it is not surprising thatWatch is quite expensive.For this reason, many people mayQuestion in mind that aside from the modelWatches and then we should invest withWatch, leather strap or fine metal strap Which one willWorth the use of many yards.Form and is more suitable for usAgain

But before you decide to buyFirst of all, it is recommended that you doGetting to know the watch strapsBefore, most of the timeVery popular checkThere are 2 types which are leather and metal.

1. Leather strap watches Give the image that looks quiteFormally helps strengthen the personalityClick cool and good looking pictures forHowever, leather strap has limitations inDressing over metal straps Whether with the deviceLevel or wearable device thatAre movies together Or the flexibility of colorAnd the color of the clothes and if you are a sweaty personThe leather strap may not be suitable forHow much are you? Because when your sweat behavesThe interaction with the leather strap may causeThe musty odor did not follow.Body

Advantages of leather strap watches If you like the classicIs the answer At the same time give theLuxurious, formal look

Disadvantages of leather strap watches If you are a person who sweats easilyThe movie will react. From the unique leather scentThe smell becomes unpleasant.In addition, leather bands have the opportunity to wear.Damaged quickly as well. One piece of leather strap may last.Work less than 5 years, then have to change again.receive

2. Metal strap watcheseach Is a symbol and also representsMaturity and status Which this metal cable is often worthNot less than the case The look is classic.Luxurious and gives a natural lookPolite and polite Can be worn on many occasions And also provides a lot of durability However, do not forget thatIf the metal watch strap is heavySlightly more than the leather bandThe

Advantages of metal strap watches Which is the durability that comes firstFirst also has sparkle of metal thatEye-catching vehicles create distinctive The metal cord is flexible toResized by removing or addingCan have small joints, large wrists, can be worn comfortablyreceive

Disadvantages of metal strap watches If you are a man with armsLots of metal wires may create both the heatCan cause you serious injuries and injuriesAnytime

If you still can't choose, Expert watch has a simple technique to choose from.receive

1. Choose a watch that suits your activity.Most of our daily
2. Choose watches that enhance the personalityWe look better.
3. A good watch doesn't need raftAlways

When reading at this pointIn short, you probably already have the answer in your mind thatWill choose leather or metal bandWell, anyway, focus on choosingCome with the person wearing the mostImportant