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Delve into Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, one of the world's leading watches.

Delve into the AP Royal Oak, one of the world's top watches.

1972 in Basel, April, at the world-class Swiss Watch Show (now known as Baselworld), Audemars Piguet. Has released a steel watch Fused with luxurious steel wires that completely revolutionized the design that used to be "Royal Oak" One of the most iconic watches and global achievement ever.

Back in the year, the company 1970 watch Audemars Piguet Was affected as well as other Swiss watch brands that had to face financial problems Since quartz watches from Japan have spilled into the global watch market, this phenomenon is known as "The Quartz Crisis" Which makes Swiss watchmakers think no more than how to overcome the crisis that caused sales to fall.

In the year of 1971 company Audemars Piguet Realized the inevitable fact that Without a "stop world" change then the company would not be able to escape bankruptcy. And having thoroughly considered that In the Italian watch market, interested in luxury watches made from steel.

The management decided that it was time to create something new. To be sporty and beautiful like never seen before

Gerald genta The most famous watch designer at that time Was commissioned as the designer Royal Oak

Royal Oak design

Executive AP Georges Golay

AP executive Georges Golay at that time made an appointment with Gerald Genta at 4 after the Baselworld event in 1971 in order to brief the job as he wanted to design a sporty watch. Can be worn on all occasions And is exquisite and beautiful in a way that has never been seen before As well as asking to see the form the next day And the next morning Gerald Genta created a watch body called "Royal Oak", which he later said that Master Piece in his career was "Royal Oak" there

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Gerald Genta, designer behind the world-class watches

What is your inspiration

Gerald genta Was inspired by the design of the shape of the diving hat in those days Then was created to be a design using Bazel edges in an octagonal shape Attached to the case using gold screws, 8-shaped, 8-shaped, with a blue water-resistant petit tappisserie motif, only 7 mm thick but slightly larger (In the 1970 era, popular small watches) haveSize of case 39 mm. Combined with a metal band made of stainless steel that has been refined to be exquisite and beautiful, perfectly.

The world's first Royal Oak prototype

The original Royal Oak watch was created with white gold. In order to collect details from Gerard Genta's design prototypes, since the tools that are used to produce stainless steel are too expensive to create the prototype that Genta wants, the mechanical systems of the machine must choose only the perfect machine.So use the Cal.2121 and this model is still used today. In the Royal Oak Jumbo ref.15202, the Cal.2121 has been modified from the AP Cal.2020 which has been developed by adding functions. Date added too

The interesting thing about the Cal.2120 is

The Cal.2120 machine was introduced in the year 1967 is a successful project from a project led by Jaeger-Lecoultre Received technical support from Audemars Piguet by raising funds from three watch companies that want to produce. The automatic body is the thinnest, the Audemars Pigeut, Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin. Together, they create the Jaeger LeCoultre Cal.920 watch movement, which is innovative and extremely accurate. And this machine, the customers of the three major companies have adopted and changed the machine name differently

Audemars Piguet called Cal.2120
Patek Philippe was named 28-255C.
Vacheron Constantin was named 1120.

The total height of the device Cal.2121 is equal to 3.05 mm. Frequency 19,800 round per hour. With anti-vibration system This device is best suited to be used with sports watches like Royal Oak.

Where did the Royal Oak come from?

As mentioned above, the inspiration for the design Royal Oak Coming from a brass diving hat, Gerald Genta wanted to give a naming-related name. Royal Oak is the name of the 8 ship of the British Navy. The name was derived from the old oak tree that King Charles 2 hid within the oak tree (hollow tree) to hide from Parliamentary supporters during the Worcester Civil War in 1651.

Launch time

AP Royal Oak
Audemars Piguet Royal Oak ref.5402 A series

In the year of 1972 Audemars Piguet The Royal Oak was officially unveiled at the Basel Fair at the Swiss 3300. The price is more expensive than the Patek Philippe's gold dress watches, and only twice as expensive as the Rolex Submariner 10. This comes first. The only thing AP says is the value of the watch. No just material But it is also the design, innovation and value of the interior But that didn't make the market agree. Initially, Royal Oak was heavily criticized. About the chaotic design Can see screws and pedestals, which no one else makes As well as connecting cables with a strange case

However, the charm and quality of Royal Oak Ultimately, high-level collectors and trend setters have led the response, which has produced enormous success. It became a symbol of the success of Le Brassus Audemars Pequet.

Royal Oak first produced 1000 housings using A-Series ref. 5402 took longer to sell than 1 years, then produced another 1000 housings using A-Series before changing to B and C respectively. WhichThe A-Series is currently one of the most sought after models for collectors. Which is simple to notice is that the word AP is at the position of the 6 clock. Unlike the later models, the AP is at the position of 12 clock.

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