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10 deals with taking care of your ROLEX.

1 Easy Cleaning

You can keep the watch shiny by using super microfiber cloths orCotton fabric specifically designed Wipe clean occasionally You can also wash the case and the metal watch strap. (Except for leather bands) sometimes with soapy water and a soft-bristled brush In the latter case, put the watch up from the sea Washing with clean water to remove salt and sand from the island is very important. Before cleaning your watch Should always make sure that the crown is screwed tightly to the case to guarantee water resistance.

2. How to set up a Rolex time?

Rolex watches can set the time by adjusting the crown and pulling it out to the second scale. The small second hand will stop so you can set the time. Each model has its own detailed user manual and different systems. Please download the manual as appropriate.

Can 3 scrub the scratches, wires and case of Rolex?

Abrasion and scrubbing must be done by a skilled technician. Only because the result will affect the beauty and value of the watch. Which, if an error occurs, sometimes cannot be solved againPolishing costs a lot depending on the size and depth of the marks on the case and band.

4. Need to wind up a Rolex watch?

If you wear a Rolex watch every day, it's not necessary to wind up because When you move your wrist for daily activities, the internal Perpetual rotor sends energy to the watch. Helps the power source that continuously controls the watch work When you take off the watch The watch will continue to accumulate energy to drive the mechanism. Depends on each watch model To wind up, start working. To turn the crown, turn the crown counterclockwise. The gooseberry will eject from its position near the house And turn clockwise about 20 times and tighten the crown to the case to prevent water and moisture from entering

5. Does the Rolex Watch Have a Battery?

The Rolex watch is powered by a perpetual rotor inside a watch that is gently swinging. When you move your wrist, energy is sent to the watch's patio. If you take off the watch The watch will continue to accumulate energy to drive the mechanism for approximately two days, depending on each watch model. To keep the watch working You just have to manually adjust the mechanism to allow the watch to function again.

6. Can every Rolex watch be waterproof?

All Rolex watches are waterproof at a depth of 100 meters for the Oyster Perpetual and 50 meters in the Cellini models. Some Oyster models can withstand as much as 1,220 meters or as much as 3,900 meters to keep your watch stable. The waterproof performance of Rolex crowns should be tightened tightly to seal vacuum. When setting the new time and date Or self-winding the watch Should make sure that the crown is tightened and cannot be rotated again. After putting the watch up from the sea Washing with clean water to remove salt and sand from the island is important.

7. Can I do sports while wearing a Rolex watch?

You can do sports while wearing a Rolex watch on your wrist, while the Rolex Oyster case helps the mechanism to be protected against shocks.Every Rolex watch is water resistant at a depth of 100 meters for the Oyster model. Perpetual and 50 Meters in Cellini Models

8. Is your Rolex running fast or slow? What should be done?

The fast or slow movement of the watch depends on many reasons. If walking fast or slowly, half a minute per week May be caused by use Should bring to check that it can be adjusted or it is necessary to wash the machine If walking slowly for a few minutes per month May be due to the lubricant begins to deteriorate In the case of walking a lot fast May be due to the system has started to have problems.

Expert is pleased to provide free checks. And suggest to change parts only as needed And a 1 year warranty repair service to give you peace of mind and rest assured that your Rolex watch will be repaired with meticulous care. With reasonable expenses

9. How often do I need to get a Rolex watch?

To guarantee accurate time display and continuous waterproof performance According to the Swiss Watch Association standards, it is recommended that you bring your watch for expert service every 3-5 years, or at most no more than ten years. Depending on the watch model and actual use

10 What is the Expert watch cleaning service?

When your watch is serviced with Expert Watch, the watch will be disassembled and all components are cleaned with a frequency band and high quality automatic washers. (Hand washing is not possible.) Each part is analyzed in detail that Any parts that need to be replaced Drop lubricant, meticulous work mechanism according to each point with specific oil up to 6 type (Which non-standard stores will only use oil over a wide range of 1-2 types) and then test it electronically to guarantee a precise time display The case and watch are cleaned and your Rolex is subjected to rigorous technical testing and inspection to guarantee waterproof performance. Power reserve And precision After completing the service by Expert Wach Your watch will be guaranteed for a full year of 1.

Consult a free watch issue. Invited at Expert either 12 branch or head office