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10 A Patek Philippe Story You Might Not Know

Patek Phiippe Regarded as 1 in 3 of Top 3, the world watch brand With a long history, great value and creative work, we come to see the amazing story of 10. Patek Philippe that makes Patek Philippe To the peak of the science of invention of the watch, creating a watch that is worth collecting And is needed from all over the world

  1. Patek Philippe watches are rare from 1839 to the present. Patek Philippe has produced less than 1,000,000 watches, which is less than some of the high end watches manufactured in 1 years. Patek Philippe is meticulous in every step of production. Even basic models need up to 9 months of production and complicate 2 years.
  2. All parts of Patek Philippe Only skilled craftsmen use manual production. That's the reason why Patek Philippe took the 9 month - 2 year on Complicate.
  3. Patek Philippe employs 1035 employees to produce 1 watches from start to finish. This amount includes Mechanical Designer Each piece maker assemble to get the perfect watch. Of course, we can't think of any other brands that use so many employees in production.
  4. Patek Philippe has set a new record for being the most expensive watch on 11. Nov. 2014 The Henry Graves Supercomplication was produced in 1932. Was auctioned for $ 24 million Which was the highest price at that time and did not reveal who was the bidder at that time
  5. Patek Philippe collects data for every watch produced since 1839. But each house has a history of watches And even though the owner's name is not listed for privacy, it is known that world-class dignitaries hold Patek Philippe.
  6. Patek Philippe pays attention to Patek Philippe DNA There is no shortcut for every step of production, even the case is produced by itself, not hired elsewhere, like some brands, and Patek Philippe retains the original production used in the 1800s.
  7. Patek Philippe isWatches that are worth the investment, worth more than many times, both modern and vintage watches. In the year of 1970 Nautilus for $ 3000, you may now have to pay up to $ 50,000 to win this auction. Last year, Patek Philippe set another record on the 13 November. The 2018 Patek Philippe yellow gold Ref. 2499 perpetual calendar chronograph was auctioned at a price. $ 3,915,000 At the Sotheby's auction, the highest bid price for 2018 and 1, the day before, Christie's sold another Patek Philippe in the yellow gold Ref. 2499 for the price. $ 3,234,905
  8. . The Patek Philippe watch strap uses a manual system. Each of the Nautilus models takes 6 minutes to 45 seconds.Before being composed with meticulousness And each line takes 7 to watch after assembling
  9. Patek Philippe is 1 in The Holy Trinity's 3. It consists of Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe Philippe, and Vacheron Constantin. (The holy trinity is a reference to the watch that is the top three brands in the watch industry.)
  10. Patek Philippe It took 3-5 years to design a new model. Patek Philippe experts make things different from other brands, which focus on offering many new models for customers to buy, but Patek Philippe spends a lot of time researching designs. And development that makes Patek Philippe in demand in the market.