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How Benz is Related to Rolex

How Benz is related to Rolex

The symbols that appear and can be seen immediatelyThat is the Mercedes Benz logo symbol.
That is on the hour hand of a Rolex watchIn which the shape of the needle is imitated

Widely spread, but actually Rolex hasThe first designer and put on the brand
Since the middle of the year 1950

How is the story going? EXPERT WATCH will tell you.


The three-pointed star symbol of a Mercedes Benz luxury car.
Represents the traveling position in each method, Land, Sea and Air.

Many people believe that Rolex uses the symbol.
This three-pointed star in the hour hand of the clock.
Sport line version to convey the ability
And determination to conquer victory and various environmental conditions

That is…

Explorer ii: land
Submariner: Sea
GMT-Master: Air

Some believe that the Benz logo on the hour hand Is a media to remember the British professional swimmer, Mercedes Gleitze.

During the 1927 year that she succeeded in
Swimming across the English Channel that took longer than 10 hours, which in her wrists

Wearing a Rolex Oyster watch and the watch still works perfectly.

Rolex made an effort to swim across.
Mercedes Gleitze's English Channel is a campaign
In the advertisement of a Rolex watch that is truly waterproof

At that time there were many other watch factories.
Claiming that their watches are also waterproof (Water Resistance)

Despite Gleitze swimming across the English Channel
Is a testament to the world being aware and aware of the Oyster Case, the watch that is waterproof in the best possible case.


To date, Rolex still uses the name of Gleitze's as part of marketing Rolex watches, and many people still believe that the Mercedes logo appears on the hour hand of the Rolex Sport watch.

It is a company that conceals Rolex and Troy, inserting profound methods to praise the conquering British swimmer. Swimming across the English Channel Which honored Rolex in the pages of the world history book, Mercedes Gleitze.

The truth from Rolex

Rolex has not confirmed all of the above. And it is likely that the use of the Mercedes symbol in the Mercedes design appears on the hour hand. For the hour hand to have the widest possible range for painting water spray

In addition, the three-pointed star symbol allows us to see in low light and clearly distinguishes it from the minute hand.

And there is still the possibility that The three-pointed star symbol found among Rolex Sport watches may be due to normal evolution of Rolex. Although Rolex Sport is still evolving, it still uses the same hand.

This star-shaped needle It's called the Cathedral hands, which can be found in watches from around the world that are manufactured in many factories. After the launch of the Mercedes Mercedes Hour Hand

It is very likely that the star-shaped three-pointed hour hand was the intention of a change for a beauty that could clearly distinguish. However, Rolex discovered it and introduced us to
"Mercedes Hour Hand"

Translated and compiled by EXPERT WATCH.