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Watch straps for Cartier

For those who have asked for a crocodile leather strap for Cartier Santos 100 XL, we have already distributed it to 2 brands at the same time. There are 7 models to choose from, and you can order the color or other leather type you want as well. Yes

The first strap from ABP Paris, the alligator leather strap that uses the same material as HERMES. Available in 5 colors.

>> Black black (XL 1) <<

>> Gray special tanned << (XL 8) <<

>> Blue Special tanned (XL 6) <<

>> Brown medium brown << (XL 3) <<

>> Honey Brown - Special Tanned (XL 5) <<

Price 11,500 baht The bottom is waterproof rubber and adds durability to the cable that must be bent into the hinge, which is a weakness of this model.