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Panerai Watch Strap (PAM)

Panerai PAM watches, also known as Panerai, are hi-end watches that have a unique, unique design. For the most part, Panerai watches use 22, 24 and 26.

Expert Watch has imported hi-end watch straps, both cowhide and Crocodile skin Especially for Panerai watch lovers such as brands Wotancraft , Hans Stich, ABP Paris Watch straps that have been carefully selected for wearing with your favorite watch.

สาย Wotancraft We officially distributeAt a cheaper price than the custom order And cheaper than many independent importers For example, this Classic model is the cheapest. 6800 Baht, but you will be able to buy from EXPERT only 6250 Only baht !!

Why should you buy a watch strap with Expert Watch?

1. Operating for over 15 years, serving tens of thousands of customers each year.

2. Run business with integrity. Not deceptive in order to charge an expensive service fee Or change forged parts for customers Until receiving the trust of customers from all circles, whether diplomats, celebrities, businessmen, merchants, the general public

3.มี12 branches in leading department storesYou can go to the mall that is convenient for you. Once shopping is done, pick up the watch.

4. There is a service of cutting the cable to fit the wrist. Including orders to cut cowhide and crocodile skin as according to every brand prototype

5. More watch straps 20,000 straps To especially meet your lifestyle, The price starts from 650 baht up

6. Quality leather bands from around the world such as Wotancraft, ABP Paris, Hans Stich, which we are the sole distributor in Thailand.

7. Free international line delivery service for EMS customers

There are many styles to choose from. Prices start at 2,900 baht only