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Hans Stich

Leading brands in watch straps and leather. Produced by skilled filmmakers of German nationalities. That produces various leather goods

Delivered to luxury boutiques around the world, every step in the production of each piece goes through the design and meticulous sewing process. Whether it is the selection of cows and crocodile skins to do the work, all have to choose the best movie. Which some watch straps

The 1 cowhide or crocodile skin will have just one strap to make the strap you want. It is also exquisite to sew the thread beautifully on the watch strap. Some models choose French thread linen used to make luxury bags such as Hermes for sewing on the strap. Therefore, you can be confident that Hans Stich is another watch brand that we have selected for your favorite watch.

Gray Crocodile Leather Strap for Rolex Watches Hinged With
Available for all watch models

BOSTON II GY-GY is 20 / 16 mm, 65 / 55 mm and 75 / 65.

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