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ABP Paris Rubber Radium Concept Cable BL-0 Black

4,950.00 ฿

  • Brand : ABP Paris Rubber Radium Concept
  • วัสดุ : Rubber
  • รุ่น : BL-0
  • Color / thread color : Black
  • ขนาด : 20/16 mm. , 21/16 mm.
  • Buckle style : Hinged type
  • Unit Price : 4,950.- (This price does not include the hinge)
  • * The color of the product may change according to the mobile phone screen resolution and computer model. *


Black Radium Concept Rubber Strap for Rolex watch
Black rubber replacement strap for Rolex Watch (steel, steel / gold and gold).
Exclusive R-Concept manufacturing perfectly fitting your Rolex and the clasp of the oyster band.


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