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If you are experiencing these problems

  • Do not know where to fix your watch.
  • Do not want to repair your watch at the authorized center because the price is a Package and very expensive
  • Street Watch repair shops are cheap but not confident in quality and parts they use.
  • The more repair, the more broken. Wasted money. Wasted time. The worst thing is to lose feelings.
  • Do not want to wait for a long time.

Expert watch

"One place, complete all problems"

Why Expert Watch ?

1. We have been operating for more than 15 years, serving tens of thousands of customers each year.

2.. Conduct business with honesty. We do not deceive our customers in order to charge an expensive service. We use genuine parts for Hi-end watch brands. We gain the trust of customers from all walk of life, ranging from diplomats, celebrities, businessmen, merchants to the nobody.

3. Has12 branches in leading department storesYou can go to the mall that is convenient for you. After shopping is complete, pick up the watch straight away (except in some cases).

4. More watch straps 20,000 straps To especially meet your lifestyle, The price starts from 650 baht up

5. Taking into account the maximum benefits of customers. Recommend only the necessary repairs No package charge at all

6. Quality as good as the leading Swiss standard service center. Same qualified service but cheaper.

7. Want to buy or sell second-hand watches, we have a forum for you to exchange one another for free.Our forum have more than 20,000 members

8. Offer authentic or fake watches check. The only place in Thailand that has been accepted by members more than 20,000 people

What brand of watches do we fix? This is a part of the watches that Expert Watch services.

Adidas watch repairJULES JURGENSEN Watch Repair
ALBA Watch Repair JUNGHANS Watch Repair
ALEXANDER watch repairKENNETH COLE Watch Repair
Watch Repair ALFEXWatch Repair KUROBA
Watch Repair ALPINAWatch Repair LACOSTE
Watch Repair ALTOLANCASTER watch repair
Watch Repair ANNE KLEINWatch Repair LONGINES
Watch Repair ARMANIWatch Repair LOUIS VUITTON
Watch Repair AVIATORWatch Repair LOUIS LAUREN
Watch Repair BALLWatch Repair LUMINOX
Watch Repair BALMANWatch Repair MARC JACOBS
BAUME & MERCIER watch repairMAURICE LACROIX watch repair
BREGUET watch repairWatch Repair MICHAEL KORS
Watch Repair BREITLINGRepair MIDO clocks
Watch Repair BUCHERERWatch Repair MONDAINE
BULOVA watch repairWatch Repair MONTBLANC
BURBERRY watch repairWatch movement MOVADO
Watch Repair BVLGARIWatch Repair NIXON
Watch Repair CALVIN KLEINWatch Repair NOMOS
Watch Repair CARL F. BUCHERERWatch Repair OAKLEY
CARTIER watch repairWatch Repair OMEGA
CASIO Watch RepairWatch Repair ORIENT
Watch CD RepairWatch Repair ORIS
CERTINA watch repairPanerai watch repair
Watch Repair CHANELWatch Repair PARNIS
Watch Repair CHOPARDPIAGET watch repair
Watch Repair CKPIERRE CARDIN Watch Repair
COACH watch repairPOCCNR Watch Repair
Watch Repair CORUMWatch Repair POLICE
CYMA watch repairWatch Repair POLO
Watch Repair DIESELPORSCHE DESIGN watch repair
Watch Repair DIORRADO watch repair
DKNY watch repairWatch Repair RAMOND WEIL
Watch Repair DUNHILLRepairing ROLEX watches
Watch Repair DWWatch Repair ROTARY
Watch Repair DYNASTYWatch Repair ROYCE
Watch Repair EBELWatch Repair RWC
Watch Repair EDOXWatch Repair SANDOZ
ELLE watch repairWatch repair SECTOR
ELLESSE watch repairSeiko watch repair
EPOS Watch RepairSEVENFRIDAY watch repair
Watch Repair ESPRITWatch Repair SIAM SWISS
Watch Repair ETERNAWatch Repair SINN
Watch Repair FENDIWatch Repair SKAGEN
Watch repair FERRARISOLVIL TITUS watch repair
Watch repair FESTINAWatch Repair STEINHART
Watch repair FORMEXWatch Repair STOWA
Watch repair FORTISWatch Repair SWAROVSKI
FOSSIL watch repairWatch Repair SWATCH
Watch Repair FRANCK MULLERWatch Repair Swiss ARMY
Watch Repair FREDERIQUE CONSTANTWatch Repair Swiss Swiss
Watch Repair GCTAG HEUER watch repair
Watch repair GIORDANOWatch Repair TENDENCE
Watch Repair GIVENCHYWatch Repair TIMEX
GRAHAM watch repairTissot watch repair
Watch Repair GUCCIWatch Repair TITONI
Watch repair GUESSWatch Repair TITUS
Watch Repair GUY LAROCHEWatch Repair TOMMY
Watch Repair HAMILTONWatch Repair TUDOR
Hermes Watch RepairUNIVERSAL watch repair
Watch Repair IKEPODVICTORINOX watch repair
Watch Repair INGERSOLLVULCAIN watch repair
Watch Repair ISSEY MIYAKEWatch Repair WESTAR
Watch Repair IWCWatch Repair YEMA
Watch Repair JACOB JENSENWatch Repair ZENITH
Watch Repair JAGUAR

Our service covers everything to be a One Stop Service for all watch owners.

Automatic Movement Service

In checking the automatic mechanical and winding systems, It is absolutely necessary to use international standards tools. Without accurate inspection tools ,it's hard to evaluate optimum performance .At EXPERT WATCH we use imported inspection machines from Switzerland to ensure you get the best results on every piece of work.

Bands / Straps

We are not only distributors of leading watch strap and premium watch bands from around the world but also provide made-to-order for Hi-End watches band.

Watch straps from ABP Paris, one of the boutiques from France that make the best watch strap in the world. Louisiana crocodile leather strap with new innovative lining. Luxuriously designed rubber bands for Rolex watches from Radium Concept Paris.

Rubber B... Rubber B - "The Ultimate Rubber Strap". Well-known among Hi-end watches lovers such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, AP, etc.

AP Bands from America. There are specialized designed straps for Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Cartier santoz, Omega, Frank Muller watches etc.

Leading PAM straps, such as Wotancraft, Hans Stich, etc., a striking Italian leather band from Campagnolo (CMI), high quality German leather straps such as RIOS 1931, Fluco and Di-modell. Premium Nato straps and Dustproof Silicone band with EU Standard

Because of a wide array of more than 1000 collections imported ,you can be confident that when you come to EXPERT WATCH, you will get a world class watch strap that meets your life style.

Also, offer custom made straps according to the color and size you want for your favorite watch.

Battery Replacement

Battery replacement service all models, all watch brands Most watchesThe batteries are usually depleted from the date of purchase. 2-3, the year ofat When the battery is dead , you should replace the battery as soon as possible.

Circuit board performing various functions needs to have a power supply . If there is no supply, it will cause the internal circuit boards to deteriorate.If you left battery dead watch for a long timeThe acid inside the battery will come out. That means the spare parts inside the watch will be damaged The more it prolongs,the more loss it will be.

Therefore, when the watch's battery runs out, it should be replaced urgently.

We provide battery replacement for all Hi-end brands such as Patek Philippe, Rolex,Omega,Tag Huere, Tissot , etc.

Replacing batteries for Rado, DW ,Seiko, etc.

All watch brands battery replacement

Crystal replacement

We provide polishing services. Or change a new glass to match the model and brand Only genuine And also ordered glass cutting

Replacing Rolex watch glass, Daytona, Submariner, etc. price 15,000 - 18,000.

Replacing all models of Panerai watch mirrors. Please contact us for a price.

Replacing the watch glass Patek Philippe. Please contact us for a price.

Omega watch glass replacement. Please contact us to request a price.

Change glass, fashion watches of all brands. Price from 800 - 1800.


Washing the watch Let us think comparable with changing the car oil. Which should be according to duration, for example every 10000 or 5000 km without having to wait for the car to break Because at that time may cause internal parts to wear out in the long run

Washing the watch, especially in accordance with the Swiss standards that we are doing, mustRemove all parts and clean by hand. And with an automatic washing machine We use special reagents To remove all stains And during the installation, there must be a process to prevent dust from entering the device again

Including the need to apply oil (which is like a lubricant for cars Many types according to the Swiss standard (Which most stores do not drop the oil correctly, that is to use oil One "universal" drops at all points, but the clock still works well.) Which is where this isThe big difference that most customers don't know.


We accept customizations, tighten watch straps, and scrub, scrub, plating, straps, cases, etc. These services can bring your watch back to life again. This operation requires a lot of talent and expertise.

Scrub the case and the Rolex watch strap, Erase the case and bracelet Patek Philippe

Erase marks, cases, and Panerai watches and other brands

Seals / Gaskets

Rubber seals are considered one of the important things as well. Because every watch has a rubber seal which is responsible for waterproof or moisture But if the rubber seal is damaged, it will cause moisture and water to get inside the watch and case. The next problem was that the parts inside the watch were damaged. Therefore should check the 3 rubber seal year To prevent problems that will occur later

Stem & crown

We have a crown replacement service for almost every brand of watch. The gooseberry figures are genuine of each brand. Or in the absence of spare parts Can find equivalent parts

Change the crown of a Rolex watch

Change the crown of the Patek Philippe watch crown

Change the crown of the Panerai watch, etc.

Putting your trust in Expert Watch

With dedication to work no matter how small or how hard Allowing us to service all kinds of watches that you may not be able to pick up anywhere else. We repair all systems. Supported with genuine parts imported from abroad. With a full year 1 warranty At Expert we are pleased toFree watch condition checking service Without conditions and we also inform the repair budget so you decide whether to "do" or "don't do" Which we do not charge any fees at all In the event that you decide not to repair Which is different from some brand-specific centers that charge a fee, even if you don't repair it

Contact for product and service information. Via online at

Line : @EPWATCH (With the @ sign)

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Hotline : 0819179088