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- organic tree skin wrinkle patterns on the surface of soft cowhide, as if souls of nature is embedded within
- no after treatment is made to the leather surface: it is simply perfect the way it is
- multiple layers of wax are burned into the edge finishing, increasing the strap's durability
- Hermès double-saddle hand stitching technique is applied, ensures that layers of leather will be secured tightly
- supple cowhide lining
- French "Fil au Chinois" waxed linen thread is used, it is chosen by Hermès and Louis Vuitton for their handmade leather goods
- 316L stainless steel buckle, same material as Panerai watch cases, with curved buckle pin to minimize leather creasing when the strap is worn

ขนาด 24/24 มม ยาว 75/125 มม

Wotancraft - สายนาฬิกาหนังวัวพรีเมี่ยม ขนาด 22-24มม. รุ่นSTE002

  • - 100% handmade! -- with the traditional vintage stitching technique -- Only use high quality waxed threads to provide durability and water/ stain resistance -- Special sealed packing prevent the products from humidity, mildew and damage -- Free little surprises beside ordered products -

  • 1 Year

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